The Best State Schools in the UK



At the same time as many students in the United Kingdom are getting their GCSE scores, that heads of secondary schools in the UK are looking forward to receiving their school performance grades as well.

In the previous year, the official government report named Liverpool’s The Blue Coat School the United Kingdom’s best performing school. In second place came the Colyton Grammar School followed by Reading’s Kendrick School.

One of the other state schools in the UK that this ranking very well for several years already is Thomas Telford in Shropshire. The headmaster of the school, Kevin Satchwell announced this week that a staggering 98% of the school students are receiving grades and range from A* to C, despite grades in the UK falling on average.

Top ranking girls grammar School The Henrietta Barnett School is ranking second this time around for provisional rankings of schools by last week’s A Level results.

This year’s GCSE results are not officially available yet, but various data supplied by individual schools to several news outlets in the UK can already give a solid indication on what schools rank best.

You can find the complete list of the top hundred state schools in the United Kingdom at the Telegraph

It is noteworthy to mention that the number of pupils who passed the GCSE dropped significantly this time around, despite a record number of students having retaken their tests in the hopes for better grades.

The results where all the pupils scored top grades dropped by as much as 2.1% as compared to the previous year, this is the biggest drop of average grades since the UK started the exams more than 25 years ago.

Among the reasons given for the poorer grades are education reforms including the new ruling that all pupils must achieve at least a grade C or better in English and Maths, which led to an increased number of students who had to retake their tests.

If you’re looking for a good alternative to the U.K.’s state schools, a private, independent school may be an option. If you see prep school Bedfordshire you can read all about it and get more information.

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Absolutely Gorgeous: Furniture From Reclaimed Wood


reclaimed wood table-set-2 Reclaimed-Wood-Furniture reclaimed-mac-and-wood-table-close-up
If you’re looking for something classy for your home I have something for you!

This new furniture collection from Mac+Wood is nothing but gorgeous! Mac+Wood from London UK is renowned for their bespoke dining furniture made from reclaimed wood. They can custom make for you an amazing reclaimed dining table and the matching benches. All made from reclaimed wood with steel bases for a really classy and rustic look.

So check them out if you want something nice for your home or outdoor seating area!


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The Singing Waiters London


The “Brit Tones” is the new, spectacular vocal group by London’s famous The Singing Waiters. If you happen to take a cruise ship holiday any time soon, chances are you can see and experience the Brit Tones live and in action!

Yet, The Singing Waiters London’s repertoire includes more than great musical entertainment on various British cruise ships. The groups’ trademark specialities are surprise music performances for all types of events including weddings along with flash mobs.

What makes The Singing Waiters London so different from other surprise entertainers is their first-class musical education background. All their members come from the best British music and dance schools. So even if you have a classy corporate party planned where you want only the best of the best Great Britain has to offer in terms of musical entertainment, The Singing Waiters are your top choice.

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New Braking Technology for London Tube Creates Electricity


London’s Transport for London is testing a new system that can collect energy from trains braking. According to a spokesman of TfL, the new system should be able the power a large underground station two days a week.

How does this new regenerative braking technology work?

The new braking system converts kinetic energy into electricity. TfL set up a “inverter” near Cloudesely Road from where they send the created electricity to another station.

Up to 1 MWh off electric power can be collected per day,  according to TfL. In savings that means that London’s Tube will be able to cut up to 5% of its energy bill.

However, the system has another beneficial effect. The new brakes will be reducing the amount of heat that is normally generated by the trains braking. This means that it will require less energy to operate the Tube’s cooling system. It may even have a positive effect in the summertime, making commuting in London more tolerable on hot days!

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What Is a Desk Assessment?


A desk assessment is a professional ergonomics assessment of a desk, work space or workstation. It  can be performed when a business or company wants to make sure that all their work spaces confirm to the latest ergonomic standards. This type of assessment will always be performed by professionals.

Two basic types of desk assessments

There are two types of desk assessments although the ultimate goal of both types of assessments is the same: to find where and how ergonomics can be improved

The first type of desk assessment is the on-site workstation assessment. In this case, the ergonomics professionals will inspect work stations and desks in person.

The other type of desk assessment is the online workstation assessment. This can be performed when there is a big number of work stations and desks that would make the on-site assessment impracticable. In this case, individual workers can log on to an online system to perform the assessment via a series of questions.

Why is a desk assessment the best option when you want your workstations ergonomic?

Proper ergonomics can encompass much more than using ergonomic office furniture such as an ergonomic chair or office desk. In addition to ergonomic office furniture there are other factors which can play a role. One of those “environmental factors” could be lighting conditions at the workspace or similar.

Due to those various factors, a complete and thorough desk assessment can only be performed by specialists in workplace ergonomics.

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Cool Gifts For Your … Boss!


ipad-tv-standIf you want some cool gift ideas for your boss but don’t want to spend too much, here is a great page I can recommend to you! Check out 19 Fun And Cheap Gifts For Your Boss.

portable-golf-gameThere are lots of really cool and unique gifts on that page with all of them under $50.

I especially love the ipad stand that looks like a small vintage TV and the mini golf game for the office.

So check it out if you want some unique and awesome gifts!

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