Telling a Good Gym from a Bad One

It may seem like an easy thing to find a fitness gym in London but once you start checking them out, things look very different! Many of the big gym chains in London but also pretty much anywhere else in the UK have sacrificed quality and service just to be able to offer the cheapest prices. As a result, it can be really difficult to find a good gym.

Let me give you an example. Some years back, when you signed up for a gym, it was pretty much normal that you got a free drink with every visit. You could spend some good time in the studio because they had TVs there where you could watch movies or your favourite shows. Most of the gyms I’ve been to back then also included free access to their swimming pool and other nifty amenities. In other words, even if you may have paid a little more as compared to day, you always knew that you got your money’s worth!

Today, it’s all about ridiculously low prices but at the cost of the lowest possible standard of equipment and poor customer service, this is at least how it looks to me. If you look around today, there’s only a few exceptions of good gyms left, and most of the time we have to search long to find them.

I always say that you should take your time when you want to sign up for a gym. Always check them out in person first or at least inform yourself about what they offer on their websites. An example for a good gym that I like very much here in the area is the guys at London Fields Fitness which I can highly recommend to you. What I like about them is their knowledgeable staff and their friendly trainers along with their very good selection of various fitness classes. You can check them out at

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